Last straw for WIND Mobile?

Late last year Toronto-based Globalive launched it’s WIND Mobile brand in Canada.  It was hoped that the emergence of new companies would force companies like Bell and Rogers to lower their fees in the face of new competition.

However, earlier this month, the wind stopped blowing in WIND’s favour.  It has been widely reported that WIND has failed to sign up even 30,000 consumers.  Chris Robbins, WIND’s popular Chief Customer Officer, also left the struggling company as well.

Now, this latest news may be the final straw. 

It was once thought that Google’s Nexus One would be available through WIND’s network as they were the only one capable of handling Nexus’ 3G requirement.

Today, Mashable broke the story that “Google announced that it is now selling a new version of the unlocked Nexus One that will work on AT&T and Rogers Wireless in 3G.”

What does this mean for Toronto-based Globalive?  Is this the beginning of the end?  We would love to hear your thoughts.