$100 Million ‘Leaders Fund’ Launches, Targeting Enterprise SaaS Companies

A new fund has launched in Canada to make investments in high growth enterprise SaaS companies.

The Toronto-based Leaders Fund, with $100 million, is a team of veterans, hailing from Rypple, Workbrain, Ariba, and others.

Leaders Fund is led by David Stein, founder Rypple, Steve DeBacco, who most recently served as CRO of Applied Predictive Technologies, and Gideon Hayden from Omers Ventures, as well as others.

“I’ve been where many of today’s enterprise SaaS leaders want to go,” said Stein. “By bringing all that experience – both the good and the bad – to Leaders Fund, my team and I can lend our expertise to this next wave. We’re excited to help these entrepreneurs grow faster and more efficiently, to positively impact their trajectory, by providing them with the capital, insights and connections they need at key inflection points.”

“After years of successfully growing, operating and exiting enterprise SaaS companies, we decided to create a fund that enables us to sit, uniquely, on both sides of the entrepreneur and investor table,” said DeBacco. “By seeing the best and worst of venture capital partnerships with entrepreneurs, we’ve built Leaders Fund with a flexible structure that allows us to engage deeply where leaders need support while working in conjunction with other investment partners.”

With its evergreen structure, Leaders Fund is able to work with companies without the traditional constraints venture capital firms face. This freedom presents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking long-term partners who think like they do, can deeply engage and expect all stakeholders to benefit, according to the organization.