Learn How to Engage Digital Natives with Social Media

On October 18th Artez Interactive is hosting ArtezInterAction 2012 at MaRS and they invite you to explore the potential of web, mobile and social media on your fundraising programs.

Attendees of the day-long conference will experience a lineup of high calibre speakers and thought-provoking discussions, giving them cost-effective and measurable fundraising solutions to take home.

Included in the lineup is Blue State Digital’s Ryan Davis who will be presenting on influencing a younger generation.

This is the first generation of digital natives, who engage with technology in a more natural and instinctive way than any prior generation. How do we connect with the over-connected?

Davis will use case studies from #Kony 2012, Occupy Wall Street and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to demonstrate innovative social media strategies and creative content that generate interactions across all channels.

Register online today to attend Artez Interactive.