LemonStand Powers FanStitch’s Jersey Rental Service

Vancouver’s LemonStand, a cloud-based e-commerce platform, has forged a strategic partnership with F​anStitch, a sports jersey rental service.

F​anStitch’s service now leverages L​emonStand’s e-commerce platform to provide sports fans across the US with a one-time rental or recurring monthly subscription plan of sports jerseys from their favourite teams.

Fans can choose their jersey via the FanStitch website, have it delivered to their home, and then return it via pre-paid shipping at their convenience.

A recent study from the National Sporting Goods Association found that Americans aged 16 and older spend $8 billion on sports apparel a year.

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“L​emonStand’s unique support for both standard online retail sales and subscription offerings along with its design freedom provided the best mix of turnkey capabilities and customization flexibility for FanStitch’s unique model,” says Stephen Lee, cofounder of FanStitch.

According to​ PwC,​ new technologies are multiplying the connections between demand and spare assets or capacity, transforming the sharing economy from what was once a means of transacting between friends and family to a global business movement and growing revenue from $15 billion today to $335 billion by 2025.