Let the Smart Home Invasion Begin: Amazon Pushing Alexa Everywhere

Amazon is eager to compete with Apple, Google, and others for your personal space and time at home. The company is pushing Alexa everywhere at CES in Las Vegas this week, showing us that Echo is just the beginning of the company’s home invasion.

Here are some examples of Amazon’s Alexa-everywhere approach:

  • Whirlpool is connecting smart appliances to Echo.
  • Lenovo is integrating with Alex across a lineup of smart devices.
  • DISH is adding Alexa voice control to Hopper.

Amazon, which is slated to launch new Echo-like devices this year, is also adding Alexa to 4K televisions which will be powered by Fire, the company’s mobile operating system.

Google last year launched smart home products and rumors are abound that Apple has plans to add more than just Apple TV. This is in addition to myriad startups and IoT companies who all want a piece of our private life.

Smart home products can add convenience and efficiency to our lives. However, there are concerns around security and some devices’ passive, always-listening modes that are downright creepy. Even so, it’s expected to be one of the major trends at CES this year.

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