Levi’s Emphasizes Brand Loyalty with New App

Tapping into customer loyalty, Levi’s hopes to increase engagement and drive sales through branded stories and exclusive offerings.

Need to Know

  • Levi’s unveiled a new app granting brand ‘Super Fans’ access to exclusive events and products as well as the ability to purchase app-specific releases directly on their phone. 
  • The new app piggybacks on the brand’s ‘Red Tab Member Program,’ A rewards program with personalized benefits tailored to customer shopping habits. 
  • Founded in 1863, Levi’s currently has over 500 stores worldwide in over 100 countries. 


In the competitive retail marketplace, loyalty is key and Levi’s hopes its new app geared to “Super Fans” will evolve their current shopping experience. 

The mobile app is piloting the brands Red Tab Member Program, a program that offers its users free shipping without a minimum spend and personalized benefits based on individual shopping preferences and history. Rather than being a carbon copy of their existing online experience, the app represents an evolution of what Levi’s customers see online.

In addition to limited collaborations, ‘Super Fans’ will also have access to curated editorial and brand content that tell the stories behind some of the brands’ more iconic products and manufacturing processes.   

“We’re being very intentional about our storytelling between our digital channels to increase engagement,” said Haley Grevelding, Levi’s senior director, content marketing and creative. “For example, people who are going to levi.com for the first time may have less interest in the history behind the mill that created our denim—but our super fans who download the Levi’s app are hungry for that content and want to be the first to know about an exclusive jean drop made with Japanese selvage denim.”

The Levi’s brand dates back to1853 when Levi Strauss, an immigrant from Bavaria, opened a dry goods company in San Francisco. Recognizing a need for clothes that were built to last, gave birth to the blue jean in 1873. Since then the brand has become synonymous with denim and limited collaborations like its most recent with Star Wars.  Currently, the retailer has more than 500 stores worldwide in over 100 countries, including numerous concept and flagship stores.  

Levi’s expansion into the branded app and loyalty market is representative of an interesting evolution of how brands are reaching diehard customers. Levi’s is a household name, but it only has a limited number of flagship stores across the world. The app and its associated loyalty program keep the brand top of mind for customers who may recognize the jeans company in other stores but don’t have access to a branded store themselves.

The new app will roll out in phases over the course of 2020 and is currently available to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.