Lightspeed Launches Integrated Partnership with Intuit and Planday

A leading POS system has teamed up with some of the biggest names in finance to make their platform better than ever.

Lightspeed is working with Intuit QuickBooks Online as well as Planday to offer a comprehensive suite of iOS apps for companies in the retail and business space. These three partners will provide a fully-integrated service with the goal of championing business management, from planning finances to making the purchasing process easier for both merchants and customers.

“This relationship ushers in a new era of ease and innovation for our customers,” said Julian Teixeira, VP of sales at Lightspeed. “With this integration, we are delivering one experience to retail and restaurant customers to help them save time, make more money, and improve data accuracy through automatic syncing of all systems. The way retailers and restaurants do business has changed, and a modern-day POS system should support a business owner so they can spend more time focused on their customers.”

The Montreal-based Lightspeed works with over 50,000 retailers and processes over $15 billion USD in transactions each year.

This new integration’s value comes from the easy-to-use iOS system and its range of apps, which means operators have to spend less time on admin tasks—thereby better serving their customers and engaging with employees.

Lightspeed users will now be able to access solutions that run together exclusively on iOS, easy onboarding for the integrated solution via a cross-company team of service reps, and a mobile POS connected to inventory.

“Maintaining profitable margins for goods and services and ensuring reliable payroll are two key priorities for retail and restaurant businesses,” said Mauricio Comi, leader of product partnerships at Intuit QuickBooks. “This technology solution is especially designed to help alleviate these pain points. With Lightspeed, Planday and QuickBooks, small business owners can gain valuable insights into many aspects related to the performance and health of their business so they can make smart decisions to ensure their growth and success.”

For customers, they can now report and manage all inventory from one location as well as see all sales information flow from Lightspeed into the right Intuit QuickBooks accounts. They can then schedule employee shifts based on revenues through Planday, then see that information rolled from Planday to Lightspeed and finally into QuickBooks.

Lightspeed has seen a ton of growth over the last little while, raising a huge $166 million financing round less than a year ago and landing in second place on the Narwhal list.