Little White Sneakers Creates Solution to Hassle of Buying, Selling Kids’ Clothing

Two Toronto moms have launched Little White Sneakers, a startup dedicated to help parents manage the inflow and outflow of kids’ clothing in their homes.

The Canadian company says it offers a sophisticated solution to buying and selling high quality, gently used kids clothes without resorting to clothing swaps, hand-me-downs or second-hand stores.

Marketing executive Kara Kennedy and corporate lawyer Raegan Kennedy say that, with two busy careers and very little time, they were frustrated by the lack of options.

They found that, while 93% of surveyed parents shop online, close to 90% had never purchased used kids’ clothing online, despite a resounding 80% who expressed an interest in doing so—and that the majority was frustrated by the lack of options in getting rid of their kids’ high-end, practically new clothes.
“High quality clothes can withstand some serious wear,” says Kennedy. “In launching LWS we have made these high-quality clothes more accessible for parents, in terms of both price and convenience. Parents can shop for great deals from the grocery store line or the couch once the kiddos are in bed – this is how modern parents get things done!”

The sustainable business practice proactively addresses the negative environment and socio-economic impact of fast fashion (the fashion industry is the world’s second largest polluter).
“The impact of our ‘throwaway culture’ is hard to ignore,” says Kennedy. “In addition to the environmental damage it inflicts, the majority of people employed by the global fashion market do not generally share the same rights or protections that we do.”
In order to further the sustainable fashion movement, Little White Sneakers has partnered with New Circles, a Toronto charity, which redistributes clothes, shoes and accessories to low-income families in the GTA who are often newcomers to Canada.
LWS says it has strict quality standards and only sells clothes from high quality brands in pristine condition. Orders are covered by a satisfaction guarantee, and shipping is available throughout Canada, with free pickup in Toronto.