Live Roads Launches Map App with Lane-Level Navigation and HD Maps

Navigation tech has come a long way—literally. Now one Toronto startup is set to revolutionize the space once again.

Live Roads launched today on the Google Play Store and is the first app to utilize HD maps, lane-level navigation, and an in-depth driving experience.

“Live Roads dramatically improves the most important aspects of your driving experience,” said Paul Konieczny, founder and CEO of Live Roads. “It provides users with an innovative and intuitive app design that helps foster an incredible and immersive driving experience. With breakthrough features such as HD Maps and Lane-Level Navigation, users can enjoy this intuitive, easy, and fun application to assist them in navigating today’s complex and busy roads.”

There has been a host of improvements in the navigation and maps space over the past decade, but many of them do not directly address specific directions. Google Maps has done wonders when it comes to adding maps and street view of nearly everything in the world; Waze has really helped to cut down on congestion and traffic. But the simple act of getting from one place to another has barely changed since Mapquest.

Live Roads is looking to update this with a slew of features. The app sports picture-in-picture mpas, so users can see both HD and SD maps for higher detailed directions when they need it. There is also a 3D model so users always know exactly where they are—even down to the specific lane, which saves some of those “stay in the slightly left lane and slightly turn right at approaching right-left fork” navigation moments.


The app also boasts offline maps, live traffic reports and the ability to share live locations with friends, which will be useful to prove to a boss that you’re actually stuck in traffic, but not useful to a friend when you say you’re on you’re way but you’re still in bed.

Live Roads is available in both a free and premium model. The free version comes with SD maps and traffic updates, and only offers HD maps and lane-level navigation when the user is approaching a turn. The HD version is $0.99 a month and comes with every feature, all the time.

It also has a points system, so avid drivers can get that premium subscription for free. By driving with Live Roads open, users will earn 20 points per mile driven. Reporting road incidents will earn a driver 50 points—10,000 points can be redeemed for a free month. Users can also share the app with friends and earn a free month for each verified sign up.

Live Roads will come to iOS later on this summer, with new features like lane-level traffic.