Looking for a Co-Founder in Vancouver or Montreal? Here is the Solution

After helping Toronto “unlock” Founder Dating, we thought we’d give a couple other Canadian cities a little help as well. Montreal and Vancouver are working their way up the standings and just need a little help from future Canadian founders.

FounderDating brings together super talented entrepreneurs with different backgrounds and skill sets to start innovative new companies. All too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skills sets to your own.  We help you find co-founders with complementary skill sets.

FounderDating is for those who are truly committed or ready to commit to starting a company full-time or a very meaningful part-time project to work on.  FounderDating isn’t about finding a job, it’s about finding your passion.

Should you apply? The answer is “yes” if:

  • You are a superstar who likes (or doesn’t like) your current job, but is open to joining a founding team for the right opportunity.
  • You have a specific idea that you would like to work on, but don’t have the right partner(s).
  • You are an aspiring entrepreneur open to trying new ideas with the right mix of people (e.g. it’s OK if you don’t have the idea yet)

But skip it if:

  • You are not interested/available to start a new company in the very short-term (1 month).
  • You are not interested in building something new.
  • You are not committed to working on a full-time or side-project.
  • You have a company and a founding team, you’re just looking for people to work there.
  • You are a service provider looking for business.
  • You’re an investor looking for leads.  There are some great ways for investors and founders to meet, this just isn’t one of them.