L’Oreal Launches AI-Powered Customer Experience Platform

Sprinklr technology will empower the beauty giant with AI and market research to improve the customer experience online.

Need to Know 

  • L’Oreal is tapping into customer experience management platform Sprinklr’s technology to improve its customer experience online.
  • Sprinklr will use AI and market research to detect trends online, pull insights from customer inquiries, and ensure all customer messages are resolved.
  • L’Oreal has invested heavily in digital this past year with the shoppable livestream experience, an AR platform that allows customers to “try on” products, and more.


As part of its mission to become a 100% responsive company, L’Oreal is partnering with customer experience management platform Sprinklr to launch a new social marketing model called Listen-to-Engage. 

Sprinklr, which specializes in digital customer care, will support L’Oreal in accelerating its social media strategy as well as improving the L’Oreal customer experience. The new program is designed to help tackle the growing number of customer inquiries on social media, which have increased significantly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent rise in online sales (which include a 65% spike in e-commerce sales in the second quarter of 2020 alone). 

Sprinklr and L’Oreal’s Listen-to-Engage model is made up of three components: Listen, Learn, and Love. 

As part of Listen, Sprinklr will monitor brand reputation and detect interesting trends on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms. With the Learn component, Sprinklr’s AI technology will “pull insights from customer inquiries and comments that will feed product marketing.” And with Love, Sprinklr AI will “capture, route, and resolve every engageable customer message across markets and brands.”

L’Oreal has made a number of efforts this past year to improve online offerings and innovate in the digital landscape to better engage with customers. This summer, the beauty giant began offering shoppable livestream experiences, featuring products from brands like Urban Decay and NYX, and launched an AR platform that allows customers to virtually “try on” products.  

The partnership with Sprinklr is the next step in enhancing L’Oreal’s digital customer experience. 

“At L’Oréal, we are committed to providing the best consumer experience and have set ourselves the ambitious goal to become a 100% responsive company,” said Céline Dumais, Global Chief Consumer Care Experience Officer of L’Oréal. “Sprinklr is a great partner in our journey to enhance customer care in an age where instant direct conversations with brands became key for our consumers.”