The World’s Most-Loved Brands on Social Media

Hootsuite has launched The Love List, a regularly self-updating list of the world’s most-loved brands on social media.

The Vancouver-based, billion-dollar social media company uses an algorithm that combines sentiment and mentions to determine whose popular for good reasons.

“We know true brand health is based on more than popularity—and there is a big difference between ‘love’ and Like,” Hootsuite says. “To find out which of the world’s biggest brands are seeing love on social, we collected data with uberVU, Hootsuite’s listening and analytics solution, tracking social metrics like mentions, sentiment and more for millions of public posts mentioning over 450 top brands across the social web.”

According to Hootsuite, the score is based on three data points: the total number of social media mentions the brand received, the brand’s social sentiment score, and the percentage of the brand’s social conversations comprised of the word “love.” Mentions are  the number of times the brand or company name was used across social media. Sentiment is the emotion behind a social media mention.

Here’s the inaugural top 10.


Rank Brand Industry Score
1 Dove CPG 99.654
2 Friskies CPG 98.716
3 Kohl’s Retail 98.225
4 Avon CPG 97.222
5 Renaissance Hotels Travel & Hospitality 96.188
6 The CW Media & Entertainment 96.015
7 TripAdvisor Travel & Hospitality 95.938
8 West Elm Retail 95.225
9 Twitter Tech 94.879
10 Nordstrom Retail 93.799


Check out The Love List here.