Lyft Launches New Carpool Feature in Toronto

The new-to-Canada ride-hailing service Lyft has launched a new feature in the country.

Lyft Line connects riders with others who are heading in the same direction, mimicking a carpool. The service also costs riders less money than a traditional ride through the service.

The new feature will be available in downtown Toronto at first and is designed to remove cars from the road while also providing another form of affordable transportation.

“We are thrilled to officially launch Lyft Line in Toronto, as we continue to expand our presence with an amazing network of local drivers and loyal riders,” said Tim Houghton, general manager of Toronto at Lyft.

The ride-sharing service is also offering up a promotion tied to the infamous King Street Pilot transit project that was put into place by the city of Toronto. Users can save money when riding on King Street in Toronto where the pilot begins and ends.

Lyft is not the only company that has taken advantage of the polarizing transit situation in Toronto to bring customers to their platform. The food ordering app Ritual had a similar promotion sponsored by the city and used it to launch a sort of digital food festival to get people out and trying new restaurants.

The ride-sharing app is also doing all it can to onboard new customers, offering steep discounts and bringing in new features rapidly. After coming into a market in which Uber dominated, Lyft had some ground to catch up on.

“Since arriving in Toronto, Lyft has shown that it is committed to our community. The launch of Lyft Line with this King Street promotion is a strong example of how technology, transportation, and business can work together to address the needs of our city,” said Rocco Rossi, president and CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. “Ridesharing promises to take cars off the road, reduce car ownership, and help create a greener, more livable Toronto. As the city pilots a new street design for King Street, I’m glad to see Lyft seeking out innovative ways to help Toronto residents and visitors continue supporting the businesses along King Street.”

Lyft is now live in Toronto and Ottawa, but it seems Lyft Line will only be offered in Toronto right now, with no words to when it might come to Ottawa.