Straying from On-Demand Solutions, Lyft Tests Bus-Like Service Called Shuttle

Lyft is piloting Shuttle, which operates fixed routes on flat fares—reminiscent more of a city bus service than a ride-hailing solution.

Shuttle is currently being testing in San Francisco and Chicago. It is considered an extension of Lyft’s carpool service, Line, but is not on-demand: drivers complete a route with fixed pick-up and drop-off locations.

Shuttle will also only run during weekdays, specifically commuter hours, according to The Verge.

“Lyft Line is the future of rideshare, and we often test new features that we believe will have positive impact on our passengers’ transportation options,” a spokesperson told the news site. “We look forward to feedback on Shuttle from the Lyft community; we see a number of commuting use cases that this mode will make easier.”

Uber, Lyft’s primary competitor, does offer carpool solutions in the form of uberPOOL, but has no bus-like offering comparable to Shuttle.

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