Manifold Launches From Stealth with $15 Million Series A

Manifold has unveiled their platform and announced a $15 million USD Series A round of funding.

The Halifax-based company provides easy ways to find, buy and manage developer services. The funding came from OMERS Ventures, Boldstart Ventures, Version One Ventures, Amplify Partners and Leaders Fund.

With Manifold, developers are not restricted to using one particular cloud, which means they are free to create stacks specifically tailored for their exact project needs. The company is working to reinvent the developer services ecosystem with a platform that allows clients to access their favourite services, from email to logging, without being tied down to a single cloud provider.

“We believe you (and your team) should be able to explore a vibrant ecosystem of services, any of which you can add to your application with one click or command,” writes co-founder and CEO of Manifold, Jevon MacDonald in a post. “A developer’s toolbox shouldn’t be defined by their choice of monocloud. We believe in a future without walls.”

Manifold was built by developers for developers in an effort to navigate the increasingly painful developer services landscape. The new funding will allow Manifold to build out its team and expand its roster of essential services.

Boris Wertz, the head of Version One Ventures, which invested into Manifold’s Series A, wrote a post expressing his excitement to again be working with MacDonald. Wertz invested in MacDonald’s previous company, GoInstant, which sold to Salesforce for $70 million within a year of its founding.

“While GoInstant was a very big success, Jevon wants to go ‘all the way’ this time and has an incredibly vast and exciting vision for Manifold,” writes Wertz. “It’s a true privilege to join Jevon and his team in this journey and we couldn’t be more excited.”

It seems like MacDonald and his Manifold team are primed to take the company as far as it can go, according to Wertz’s statements. MacDonald launched GoInstant from stealth and sold it about 10 months later, so the ability to scale and gain value has already been demonstrated.

MacDonald is also a co-founder of StartupNorth.