Maple, RateHub, and WealthTab Among Startups to Join Insurtech Growth Program

A leading Canadian accelerator has chosen the companies to join their next specialized intake.

OneEleven and Aviva Canada launched the InsurTech Growth Program earlier this year, and now the five companies that will join the inaugural cohort have been revealed: Maple, MapYourProperty, RateHub, Soundpays, and WealthTab.

Maple strives to give Canadians access to non-emergency healthcare through their virtual care platform. The Toronto-based company raised a $4 million funding round less than a month ago build out their network of insurers and healthcare providers, and right now they have over 20,000 patients and 100 doctors on the platform.

MapYourProperty is an intelligence platform that gives real estate and land information in a quick and efficient manner. The company is based in Toronto and anyone can sign up to use its features.

RateHub is a financial comparison site that helps users look at the best mortgage rates, credit cards, and insurance, all side by side. Also based in Toronto, they raised a massive $12 million funding round earlier this year to help expand their platform.

Soundpays uses ultrasonic sound waves to help consumers learn more about, and even purchase a new product. If a customer wants to, they can use Soundpays to buy a product in one touch while viewing an ad, whether it be on TV, online or through digital signage.

WealthTab streamlines how a company opens accounts, provides quotes and more when it comes to insurance and other financial services.

“These five startups offer a wide range of solutions to the InsurTech ecosystem reaching healthcare, financial and commercial real estate services,” says Ryan Spinner, head of digital and innovation at Aviva Canada. “We’re thrilled to kick-start this mentorship program together with OneEleven and have the opportunity to work with these startups firsthand and accelerate their innovation projects.”

Participation in the InsurTech Growth Program brings a few perks, such as one-on-one mentoring with Aviva executives and access to the OneEleven community that features big names in the Canadian tech industry such as Wealthsimple, and Tulip Retail. These companies will also pitch to Aviva Ventures on July 18 in hopes of securing even more funding.