Marijuana Accelerator Launches in Las Vegas to Boost Weed Startups

Nevada’s Player’s Network, a holding company operating in marijuana and media, is taking advantage of the state’s legalization of marijuana to launch Marijuana Accelerator, a program targeting startups specializing in the booming weed industry.

The first of its kind, the MJ Accelerator Program is a 14-week, intensive mentor-led bootcamp established to accelerate marijuana-related technology and media startups, according to Player’s.

“This is truly a unique opportunity in an exciting emerging market and we hope to identify some amazing, game-changing companies,” says Brett Pojunis, cofounder of the program.

The accelerator is targeting startups in specific states, including Florida, Hawaii, and Texas—a mixture of regions that have legalized marijuana or have ideal growing conditions for the plant.

“Since the marijuana industry is still in its infancy stage, there are tremendous opportunities for growth, especially in regards to technology,” explains Jeffrey Robinson, managing director of the program. “We are looking for unique ideas that utilize technology to better serve the marijuana industry.”

Player’s Network is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, August 1—at 4:20pm EST, of course—to “explain in detail how we envision the program rolling out and more importantly, explaining how people can get involved,” according to Robinson.