Mark Zuckerberg predicts a new world ‘rethought and designed around people’

globalHate him or love him, you can’t deny that Mark Zuckerberg is passionate about his beliefs. The still-young Facebook CEO is open about being open, and never shies away from sharing his vision for the future.

Needless to say, being as he is the founder of a social network, his vision revolves around people.

In an interview at this year’s Web 2.0 Summit in San Fran, Mark implied that Facebook’s role is, or at least will be, far greater than today’s constricted definition of a social network. He said that Facebook plans on playing a crucial role in disrupting and restructuring myriad industries to expand their social aspects. It’s happened to the gaming industry, and music and television are likely followers.

Over the next five years, most industries are going to be rethought and designed around people.

His prediction is bold, especially considering the narrow timeline, but the social trends do lean in his favour. To those resisting the social revolution, Mark has a few impacting words: “Get on the bus.”

Mark also talked about Facebook “building value” in contrast to stealing value from others. He also address the social networks’

At barely six years old, Facebook still must survive the tides of time to prove itself a fixture in tomorrow’s landscape. The higher you fly, the faster you fall, and companies once poised for global domination diminished into mere trends seemingly overnight.

But in a world where the people increasingly determine what is right, can 500 million people be wrong?

And, after all, isn’t the world just one big social network?