Mark Zuckerberg Has an Entire Team to Manage His Image

Mark Zuckerberg is a multi-billionaire running a multi-billion-dollar company, so it probably shouldn’t surprise us that the Facebook founder has a team managing his “image in the digital domain.”

It’s a little Kim Kardashian-esque, but social media is Zuck’s game, and as the CEO of a social network he needs to be on top of his game. A recent piece from Bloomberg dives into Zuck’s personal army of assistants.

“A handful of Facebook employees manage communications just for him, helping write his posts and speeches, while an additional dozen or so delete harassing comments and spam on his page,” sources told Bloomberg. “Facebook also has professional photographers snap Zuckerberg, say, taking a run in Beijing or reading to his daughter.”

Certainly, some photos and videos of Zuckerberg appear obviously staged, but overall, reports suggests he gives off mostly “authentic” vibes. And his posts typically garner hundreds of thousands of (mostly positive) interactions.

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