Massive + Blink = Get Connected

During her opening remarks at the Massive Technology Show in Vancouver yesterday, CEO Lindsay Smith announced that her company, Massive Events, would be merging with Blink Media Works. Blink is the company behind Get Connected TV and Radio hosted by Mike Agerbo & AJ Vickery and Smith joined them on air last year as a co-host.

Their plan is to join forces and deliver a one-stop-shop for small and medium sized business (SMBs) looking to learn more about technology. Massive’s magazine, trade shows and networking events will become additional outlets for the Get Connected brand and help them reinforce their position as the source for technology information for SMBs.

Look for their new Get Connected magazine to grow in size and distribution (look out Backbone!) and for the Massive tradeshow to be rebranded after their upcoming Toronto event. Get Connected TV and Radio has been growing their viewership but these new outlets will allow them to reach an even larger audience offline. Sounds like a good fit.

For those of you that don’t know, Smith was one of the original founders of and spun off an event planning business one year before we incorporated Techvibes Media Inc. and purchased the site.

BTW… Season 3 of Get Connected launches on BNN tonight at 5:30pm.