Massive Observations

Massive Technology Show in Vancouver yesterday was a lot of fun, and awfully timely – lots of SMBs are looking to leverage tech tools to stay profitable in a tougher market. Many fine presentations by a cast of tech rock-stars included Richard Goosen, Kris Krug, Jenn Lowther, Shane Gibson and others.

A few personal observations and highlights:

1. Next year, must remember to bring more business cards. A great networking event both for businesses looking for partners and clients and for people checking out employment opportunities. Bumped into a longtime friend who actually got his start in the local tech industry a few years ago at a Massive Technology Show and is evidently giving back.

2. Seeing Rob Lewis. The man is EVERYWHERE. Yeah, I know, the Techvibes President was a sure show for Massive. But I’ve figured out it’s probably just a holographic projection. I’ll have to try poking him in the forehead next time to confirm my theory.

3. Having no access to a mobile device or my Twitter account at an event like this is sort of like stumbling half-blind and mostly deaf through the Grand Bazaar. I really need to finally bite the bullet and get an iPhone. I know, I keep saying this…

4. Interesting to see how quickly some of the practical tech tips go viral; “Identity Management” presenter Vaclav Vincalek‘s unbreakable-but-easy-to-remember password idea was in use across the exhibition floor five minutes after the presentation ended.

5. Getting people into a presentation near the end of a conference is a bit like herding cats.

6. The people with the most conscientious Twitter etiquette also seem to be the kinds of people who are all-class in other non-technical modes of life. Good on you, Shane Gibson, for prompting a gracious thank you Tweet for in-between-event-and-after-party hosts Doolin’s Pub. Great seeing you again.

7. Finally got to meet Lindsay Smith and the rest of the brilliant and charming Massive Tech Show team. Looking forward to seeing what they have planned for next year. Awesome job, people.

8. Thanks to Sat Samra of Estari Canova, a smart guy with big plans for his company that I assume I’ll be writing about in a few months, whom I met at the after-party for the show. This suave character intervened and may have saved my skinny butt from an impromptu beating (or at least, enduring a spittle-laden drunken rant) by an overbearing jackass that some $900-million company had the poor luck to hire.  Sat, I owe you one.

9. To all the other cool geeks I met at the after party, you rock. Too many to name, but I’ll find you on Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Your kitchen in a bit. Cheers.

10. (SHALLOW CHAUVANISTIC OBSERVATION ALERT) The tech industry seems to be staffed by a very disproportionate number of beautiful people. That was the comment, rephrased to me by at least a half-dozen colleagues at the event and I couldn’t really disagree. Certainly better than that longshoreman convention I went to years ago.