Mastercard, Ethoca Launch Transaction Transparency Tool

The new features will add business logos and easily-identified merchant names within a customer's transaction history.

Need to Know

  • The new tool will add features such as business logos and easily-identified merchant names within the customer’s transaction history.
  • Mastercard and Ethoca are partnering on the tool to help improve consumer trust and brand recognition for businesses and to reduce unnecessary chargebacks.
  • According to a recent Ethoca survey, nearly 25% of transaction disputes could be avoided by delivering greater transaction transparency.
  • Ethoca, which provides fraud and dispute resolution technology, was acquired by Mastercard in 2019.


Mastercard and Ethoca have launched a new function that will give consumers better real-time transaction data, in an effort to reduce unnecessary calls to financial institutions that result from a lack of such information.

The new tool will display company logos and more detailed company names within Mastercard’s app, allowing consumers access to more clear information about what they purchased, and where. The goal is to increase consumer trust and eliminate unnecessary chargebacks that might otherwise result from confusing transaction data while giving merchants and businesses the opportunity to increase brand recognition.

“With greater digital dependency, having real-time purchase details is critical for consumers, merchants and card issuers alike,” Johan Gerber, executive vice president, Cyber and Security Products at Mastercard, said in a press release announcing the new function. “We continue to collaborate with industry partners to bring clarity and simplicity before, during, and after transactions. By enriching transaction details, merchants can alleviate friendly fraud, reduce chargebacks and improve the customer experience.” 

According to an Ethoca-commissioned survey, “96% of U.S.-based consumers want more details that help them easily recognize purchases, and nearly 25% of all transaction disputes could be avoided by delivering these details.” The global chargeback volume, according to the press release announcing the new Ethoca-Mastercard transaction tool, could hit 615 million by 2021, fuelled significantly by consumers turning to the dispute process due to a lack of clear information.

Ethoca was acquired by Mastercard in 2019 and has worked to enable greater transparency for consumers even previous to today’s announcement. In April, the company announced a partnership with Microsoft that would enable Microsoft and other businesses to provide more detailed purchase information to their customers via the mobile app for the bank that issued the purchasing card. According to Ethoca, this tool was responsible for a 15-30% decline in transaction inquiries.

Mastercard has been ramping up its digital offerings throughout the pandemic, as more consumers and businesses turn towards digital banking and commerce. Most recently, the company partnered with Transferwise to expand its borderless debit capabilities to any country where both Mastercard and Transferwise operate, and earlier, Mastercard announced a groundbreaking deal with Microsoft that will “build pathways to financial security and provide tools for sustainable growth” around the future of online commerce and finance.