McDonald’s Fries Get Digitized, Gamified in Canadian Mall

McDonald’s Canada is offering French fry fans an opportunity to win a free fries through an out-of-home campaign that connects smartphone users to digital screens for an interactive game. Created by Cossette, the game connects two smartphone users through a variety of unique URLs to interactive digital screens located in Dufferin Mall in Toronto.

The screens are supplied by RadiantGroup Media and feature a giant box of McDonald’s fries. As players swipe the digital fries, they “fly” from the screen and drop into a fry box on their phones. If the players are able to fill their phone’s fry box within 10 seconds, they receive a digital coupon on their phone that can be redeemed in the mall.

“We wanted to create a completely new way to engage with our guests,” says David Ford, Regional Communication Manager for McDonald’s Canada. “People love our fries and they love to share them, so what better way to experience our brand than sharing a fun gaming experience to win free fries?”

The promotion ends tomorrow at 8:30pm EST.