MediaCore Acquired by Workday, Will Remain in Canada

Victoria’s MediaCore, a cloud­-based educational video platform company, has been acquired by Workday.

Founded in 2011, MediaCore is a cloud-­based media platform, built to help educational institutions move to the cloud and streamline the process of recording, managing, and sharing video while maintaining security.

MediaCore’s mission is “to transform the way we teach and learn through video,” according to cofounder and CEO Stuart Bowness.

“We plan to grow the team here in Victoria as we integrate our media management technology across Workday’s suite of applications, beginning with Workday HCM for onboarding and Workday Learning,” Bowness wrote on his site following the acquisition.

Earlier this year MediaCore raised $4.5 million.

Workday is an on‑demand financial management and human capital management software vendor based in California.

The value of the transaction was not disclosed.