MediaCore Focuses Video Platform on Education

Victoria’s MediaCore has announced an evolution in the vision and focus of their core video product. CEO Stuart Bowness wrote this past week on the company’s blog that this new education focus will guide the company forward over the coming year.

“Over the past four months we’ve been seeing a steady climb in the number of companies and institutions that are using MediaCore in either corporate training, knowledge sharing, or in learning and education, and we’re on our way to educating over 500,000 people by mid-summer,” he noted.

Bowness continues, “As we’ve worked with these organizations we have discovered that we’re insanely passionate about the future of education, and we see huge potential for our product to help make learning possible anytime, anywhere through video.”

To give fans and followers a better sense of their new mission MediaCore has prodcued a video to highlight their education projects, and not surprisingly the video is slick.

With their new focus in mind, MediaCore will focus on providing tools that will make it easier to create video-based learning resources and share them with your audience either publicly or privately. Most noticeably MediaCore is now free for teachers and with the MediaCore Capturer app for iOS, teachers can quickly record and upload content – whether it’s a section from a lesson, or a video demonstration.

Last summer Techvibes reported that MediaCore has closed a seed round of angel funding from Andrew Wilkinson, the founder and CEO of Victoria’s MetaLab and Jesse Ma of Gawker Media. Look out for MediaCore to secure additional funding soon to support the new company vision.