Mediascrape first Canadian Adsense for Video partner

Montreal-based Mediascrape recently announced that the company has become the first Canadian firm to partner with Google for their new Adsense for Video program. With Google’s new tech, the search giant will now be able to sell targeted and premium priced ads within live videos being shown on Mediascrape’s site.

This new initiative is a ray of light for often-embattled Mediascrape, which has faced its share of controversy over the last year. Though the company’s model of redistributing broadcast content and creating a new source of monetization for traditional broadcasters is filling a niche, the company recently ran afoul of Techcrunch kingpin Mike Arrington after Mediascrape CEO Tyler Cavell (or someone claiming to be him) threatened Techcrunch with legal action for a less than flattering post about the company. Another Techcrunch post resulted in Cavell commenting (somewhat incoherently) about his “delusional, former cocaine-addict cousin” regarding previous statements made to Techcrunch. Hopefully Mediascrape can concentrate less on blog wars and more on the bottom line as they introduce Google’s newest advertising gambit to Canadians and others.