Meg Whitman: I Am Not Uber’s Next CEO

Uber is closing in on a new chief executive to replace cofounder Travis Kalanick. But, despite rumors to the contrary, Meg Whitman is not an option.

The head of HPE took to Twitter this week to dispel the idea that she was considering the pivot.

“Normally I do not comment on rumors, but the speculation about my future and Uber has become a distraction,” Whitman tweeted. “I am fully committed to HPE and plan to remain the company’s CEO.”

She added that there is “a lot of work to do” at her current company, and whomever takes the reins at Uber, it “will not be Meg Whitman.”

Uber says that it hopes to have a new CEO established by September. Currently there are six or fewer people be considered for the position.

Kalanick was pressured to resign as CEO following a series of scandals.