Mercedes-Benz to Challenge Tesla, BMW with Plans for Line of Luxury Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz wants to join the party of luxury-level all-electric motor vehicles, believing in their potential to become profitable.

According to sources familiar with the matter cited in Bloomberg, Mercedes intends to launch two electric sport utility vehicles and two sedans. The European automaker will go so far as to create a sub-brand for this fleet, though reportedly a name has not yet been decided on.

So far, CEO Dieter Zetsche has only gone so far as to publicly state that a single electric car would be unveiled at a motor show in Paris in September.

Tesla Quarter Misses Estimates, Plans Three New Vehicle Launches for 2017

Mercedes’ main competitor, of course, would be Tesla, Elon Musk’s pioneering company which combines electric cars with self-driving features. Tesla has plans for new launches next year as well. Also in the mix is BMW, who has been investing heavily in cutting-edge technology for BMW i, its sub-brand of futuristic electric rides, such as the i3 and i8.

Tesla delivered 14,400 new cars during the quarter, putting it off pace of its goal to deliver 80,000 in 2016. Next year Tesla plans to launch the Model 3, as well as an electric semi-truck and minibus.