Victoria’s MetaLab Software Launches Peak Productivity App

Peak is a new web-based app developed by Victoria’s MetaLab Software team. The app provides coworkers with an effective way to stay up to date with what everyone is working on in the least disruptive way possible. It aims to completely eliminate shoulder tapping in the office environment, replacing it with a centralized digital update of what team members are busy with.

MetaLab Software came up with the idea while going through the growing pains of expanding their team. With multiple projects on the go and numerous people working together on them they tried a variety of methods to keep track of progress.

Regular meetings, timesheets, and even shoulder taps were a common occurrence in the office, but were often more disruptive than productive. And so the team came up with an idea that would quickly and easily resolve the issue.

The web app they have been working on for the past year, now known as Peak, passively pulls in information from everyone’s most-used tools and resources like Basecamp, Dropbox, Gmail, Github, Google Drive, and Harvest. Dropbox revisions are shown in updates attached to the edited files, Github entries link to that piece of code in Github, and Google Drive shows overall updates of who’s been revising what files.

Meetings are also shown in the app, as are new contracts and other relevant activities that team members partake in. Emails are displayed as well, giving an overall timeframe of how long a team member spent communicating via Gmail on a particular day. While the information pulled is useful, it does not reveal any sensitive information such as who sent what to whom or any content within emails. Google Drive documents are only viewable by those that have access.

Besides keeping up with what people are working on, Peak also provides valuable insights into how a team works. Aggregated data shows the busiest time of the day for team members and can also identify workers who are productive on weekends or evenings or those who prefer to work during the night. These insights can help pinpoint when to avoid having meetings so as to not disrupt the workflow and it also can show what days are most productive for the company and how much team members output in terms of productivity during an average day.

Peak benefits companies for a number of key reasons. While it cuts down on disruptions, which can often cause team members to be distracted for up to 30 minutes, it also keeps projects on track and everyone in sync with what has been and what needs to be done. There is no data to enter or analyse as Peak does all the work. The insights provided by the data collected is a great resource to use to identify and better understand the way a team works best and what makes team members the most productive.

The app is very easy to integrate in an office environment. Once an account has been created for a company, team members are able to make their profiles and opt into the services that they use most often. While Peak comes with a list of resources and tools already, the MetaLab team is working to integrate more popular services. They are also very open to feedback from users as to what other services should be integrated with Peak. Especially handy for an office setting, MetaLab has found that clients love using the app as well to keep track of progress on projects.

Peak officially launches next Monday, March 24. Peak will be available at a variety of price points, dependent on sizing plans. Plans range from Studio, good for five people and costing $49 per month, to Corporate, meant for 50 people and costing $399 per month. An Enterprise plan is also available for more than 50 people at a custom pricing amount.