MetroLyrics leverages Google Friend Connect

This week Google introduced a new set of Google Friend Connect features that let site owners help their visitors get to know each other and personalize their site’s experience and content.

Vancouver’s own MetroLyrics partnered with Google along with, and to demonstrate some of the new features in action. MetroLyrics was a logical choice for Google’s pilot as they are the largest lyrics community online with over 37 Million unique visitors.

As part of the program, MetroLyrics is also working with Google on improved the integration of AdSense for more relevant content and better monetization.

As an example, MetroLyrics added polls to their lyrics pages that ask visitors to log-in via Google Friend Connect when they vote. The data collected during the poll interaction is used to drive ads in the main 300×250 ad unit on the same page. This simple change weeds out inappropriate ads that could be perceived as intruding conent, resulting in move relevant ads and a better user experience.

According to MetroLyrics CEO Alan Juristovski, the preliminary results of their Google Friend Connect integration has seen improved click-thru rates and increased CPMs with Google Adsense revenue doubling.