Microsoft Canadian Data Centres Expand Softchoice’s Canadian Footprint

David MacDonald, CEO of Softchoice, this week welcomed the opening of Microsoft’s new data centers in Canada, which will deliver Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics CRM Online to Canadian organizations.

Microsoft Azure is now generally available from local data centre regions located in Toronto and Quebec City, and Office 365 is now offering data residency for Canadian business customers. In addition, Dynamics CRM Online is scheduled to go live by September 2016.

This announcement marks a significant expansion of Microsoft’s trusted cloud services into Canada.

“Bringing Microsoft Cloud over Canadian soil addresses the data residency concerns that were holding some Canadian businesses, banks and government entities back from leveraging cloud technologies,” said MacDonald. “This announcement immediately opens up opportunities for us to work with our customers and help them to take advantage of Microsoft Cloud, something Softchoice is particularly well positioned to support.”

As the largest Microsoft partner in Canada, and number one in terms of deployments of Office 365 and Azure, Softchoice has developed  offerings to help organizations drive business transformation through Microsoft Cloud technologies.

“From today on, our goal is to create Canada’s best and most complete cloud, enabled by world-class technology and world class cloud ecosystem,” said Janet Kennedy, president of Microsoft Canada. “We’re privileged to work with our team of Canadian partners who are perfectly positioned to help our Canadian customers innovate, grow and transform their businesses.”