Microsoft Hypes Mixed Reality Content with Upcoming Windows Update

Microsoft is releasing its Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 in October.

The software update introduces “fun, new ways to get creative” according to the company, including updates to photos, videos, and gaming. But perhaps most interesting will be the “immersive new experiences made possible by Windows Mixed Reality.”

“Our mission with these updates is to create a platform that inspires your creativity,” explains Terry Myerson, Executive Vice President for Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group. “Creativity is universal and it’s aspirational in its nature.”

Myerson says the Fall Creators Update aims to “unleash creativity with new experiences,” which he believes is what “propels us into the future.” There are more than 500 million devices worldwide running Windows 10, he notes, which makes it a powerful platform to reach and inspire creative minds with new opportunities to create immersive, next-generation content.

“By combining our physical and digital worlds, we believe mixed reality is the next step in the evolution of human computing,” says Myerson. “For the first time, we are talking about a mixed reality system that fully immerses you in the experience not limited to a mobile device screen size.”

According to Myerson, a variety of Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers from Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo, will be available in October for $299 and up. These headsets will act as the stylus of a mixed reality creator, allowing creatives to work in three-dimensional worlds.