Microsoft Is Rolling Out Smarter Imager Searches This Fall

Microsoft has announced plans to softly roll out more intelligent methods to search and sort images in its Windows 10 Photos app.

The massive software company is now testing a better way to navigate images by scanning all the photos on OneDrive and using AI to find identifying factors in photos and catalog them together. OneDrive is a cloud solution that allows you to access photos anywhere from any device, and this new method will help to organize your massive collections of selfies and vacation photos.

After the new methods are updated to your device, photos will be indexed and take around one second each. You will then be able to search photos with phrases like “palm tree” to bring up your Florida trip photos. Face detection technology also exists that can match photos with the same person in them.

This kind of functionality has existed with Google and iOS, but this will now level the photography field for Windows users. The system is quite quick as the indexing is done locally and not through a cloud service. And don’t worry—if you hate having your face digitally scanned, you can turn it off in settings.

The new photo cataloging feature is expected to roll out with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.