Microsoft Launches SaaS Solution to Simplify the Internet of Things

It’s well accepted now that the Internet of Things is here to stay. Already it permeates virtually every layer of modern society, from connected homes to connected cars to connected offices.

That doesn’t mean IoT is simple, however. On the contrary, it can be quite confusing.

Microsoft aims to take the many complexities of IoT and streamline them through a single offering. The company this week announced Microsoft IoT Central, a fully managed software-as-a-service that allows customers to take advantage of IoT without cloud expertise.

“IoT solutions can still be complex, and a shortage of skills makes it difficult for everyone to take advantage of this new innovation,” says Sam George , Partner Director for Azure IoT. “Built on the Azure cloud, Microsoft IoT Central simplifies the development process and makes it easy and fast for customers to get started, making digital transformation more accessible to everyone.”

IoT Central operates within Microsoft’s Azure cloud. The offering includes analytics, storage, and visualization services, as well as the Connected Factory, which focuses on increasing operational efficiencies.

“This new IoT SaaS offering has the potential to dramatically increase the speed at which manufacturers can innovate and bring new products to market, as well as lower the barriers to creating IoT solutions that generate new revenue opportunities and better experiences for customers,” added George. “Microsoft is simplifying IoT so every business can digitally transform through IoT solutions that are more accessible and easier to implement.”

Microsoft IoT Central will be rolling out more publicly “over the coming months,” according to George.