Microsoft Rebrands Live-Streaming Platform Beam as Mixer, Adds Features

Microsoft last year acquired Beam, a Seattle-born interactive livestreaming service that gives viewers the ability to watch and play along with game streamers in real-time.

This week Microsoft announced it is rebranding Beam as Mixer and adding “several exciting new features.”

“The name Mixer represents what we love most about the service: how it brings people together through the core experience fans know and love: the ability to not just watch streams, but to also interact with streamers and play together in near real-time,” says James Boehm, cofounder of Mixer.

The Mixer service is built directly into the Guide on Xbox One and Game bar on Windows 10 to make it easy for anyone to start streaming their gameplay. Anyone can share gameplay with friends, or start building an audience with no extra software required. There’s also now co-streaming.

“Starting today, we’re launching the first built-in cooperative streaming experience on a streaming platform where up to 4 streamers can combine their streams into a single viewer experience,” says Matt Salsamendi of Mixer.

In addition, there will be a venue in New York City for livestreaming and gaming.

“Located at the flagship Microsoft Store in New York, the Mixer NYC Studio is a digital production studio designed for live audience, competitive and community gaming events,” says Salsamendi. “The state of the art facility includes broadcast capabilities to bring gaming and esports events held on the store’s 5th floor to fans globally through Mixer, as well as serve as a destination for gaming fans to experience next-gen interactivity as players, creators and viewers, in an array of events at the center of Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. “