Microsoft Technology Program Improves Patient Experience for Kids in Hospitals

Hopsitals are rarely fun for patients—especially kids, who have little to distract them from the dreary white walls of their confinement.

Through a with Microsoft Canada and Children’s Miracle Network, BC Children’s Hospital has launched the Child Life Interactive Computers for Kids program, which aims to change how patients experience hospitals. The program, abbreviated to CLICK, is designed to improve the patient experience through the power of play and connectivity to the outside world.

“Thanks to Microsoft, the CLICK program now provides more of our patients the opportunity to remain connected to their interests, friends and family, as well as much needed distraction from the serious conditions that brought them to the hospital.” said Teri Nicholas, President and CEO of BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.  “The strength of this program lies in both the activity options available to children of all ages and the specialist provided by CLICK funding, which helps patients use the technology to its full potential.”

Technologies provided include laptops with Skype, Windows tablets, and Xbox consoles. To ensure everyone can take advantage of the technology, Microsoft Canada also funds a Child Life Specialist to teach the children and their parents how to use it effectively.

“Technology can enhance a child’s experience and provide a sense of normalcy for children while at the hospital,” said Janet Kennedy, President of Microsoft Canada, who attended BC Children’s Hospital to mark the contribution.  “CLICK is a program we strongly believe in. It is an important piece of our commitment to young people.”

“Over the past 13 years, Microsoft Canada has been supporting our member hospitals through truly unique and innovative initiatives,” said Adam Starkman, Chief Development Officer, Children’s Miracle Network Canada. “Through the evolution of technology, together with the development of the CLICK program, sick and injured children are receiving the treatments they need to help them get to their best selves, while allowing them to stay connected to their communities.”

Since its first hospital launch in 2005, Microsoft Canada has provided over $1.85 million to support the implementation of the CLICK program at six other pediatric centres in Canada, including The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and Alberta Children’s Hospital.

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