Millennial Job Switchers Drawn to Tech Industry

Being branded as a millennial can come with an assumed set of values that create an undesirable identity and have the generational cohort frustrated.

But what many in the under-30 group offer is a digital savviness and a desire to grasp technical skills that has them jumping jobs—even if it means straying away from a planned career path.

Newly released LinkedIn data shows millennials are 50 per cent more likely to relocate for work and 16 per cent more likely to switch industries than non-millennials.

The industry that’s attracting the most millennial job switchers is technology and software with 9 per cent making the move to the growing field into roles like software development and sales.

Data shows that millennials are more likely to have a skill set that’s aligned with tech jobs, including social media marketing and knowledge of software applications.

The tech industry is known for its millennial-packed workforce that comes with job perks, an innovative culture, and opportunities for development—the latter being the top reason millennials switch jobs, according to LinkedIn’s data.

Healthcare and finance are also attracting millennial job switchers with 7 per cent respectively landing positions in each of those industries.