Miovision Central Improves Access, Analytics for Traffic Data

Kitchener’s Miovision today launched Miovision Central, a cloud-based platform for traffic data projects.

Miovision says Central is a new way to add transparency to traffic projects by organizing, visualizing and sharing data in order to simplify complicated projects.

Transportation planners and engineers shape the traffic flow of our cities. Their projects require the coordination of large amounts of data among stakeholders from different internal and external groups. To complete projects on time and on budget, it is crucial for these groups to align, which is difficult when information is scattered across computer drives, spreadsheets, email and even sticky notes. Miovision Central provides a free centralized platform for cities and their contractors to centralize all of those moving parts, making projects simpler, more productive and more successful.

“Great projects require smart decisions that are driven by good data,” said Kurtis McBride, CEO and co-founder of Miovision. “Unfortunately, that data is often not available to all the different people across different organizations. Accessing, analyzing and visualizing it should be easy. With Miovision Central, now it is.”

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Data is the foundation of every major traffic project, and billions of dollars are spent every year predicated on traffic data, says Miovision. Central makes it simpler to receive and analyze that data.

Designed for engineers and planners, Central cuts down on stayed bureaucracy and inefficiencies created by old methods of information sharing that are the standard for many cities.

“When cities embark on transportation projects, data is often the first thing they need and it’s the last thing they should have to worry about,” McBride said. “Miovision is providing Central for free because empowering traffic professionals to collaborate better improves transportation – and quality of life – for residents.”