Miovision’s Latest Innovation Helps Planners Build Smarter Cities

Miovision this week announced Internet of Things connectivity for its Scout Platform.

This technology makes it possible for traffic planners and engineers to access new tools and data types to make better decisions for the future of their communities, according to the Canadian startup.

Since the invention of the automobile, transportation planning has largely been focused on expanding roadways, Miovision says, but with citizens increasingly choosing alternative modes of transportation that approach is becoming obsolete.

Backed by advanced traffic AI, Miovision is home to the largest repository of traffic video data in the world. Miovision’s Scout Video Collection Unit is used by 13,000 cities, counties and transportation agencies around the world to gather data on how roadways are used by vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

Now, planners can examine travel times between two or more Scout devices, and conduct multi-modal studies that offer a more complete picture of how roadways are being used. These new data types result in the most complete traffic data that can be collected from a single source.

“Adding or widening roads is rarely the answer to traffic congestion,” says Kurtis McBride, CEO of Miovision. “Cities are making smarter decisions to help people—whether they are drivers, cyclists, transit passengers or pedestrians—get from point A to point B quickly and safely. Reaching that goal doesn’t happen without the work of transportation planners and engineers, and those people need good data and the tools to analyze it at their fingertips.”

Miovision Launches Laboratory to Advance Traffic Data as Foundation for Smart Cities