Mnubo Selected by GSI to Bring IoT, Data Analytics to Agriculture

GSI has partnered with Montreal’s mnubo, an Internet of Things data analytics startup, to deliver insights to swine and poultry operations.

GSI’s EDGETM controllers allow protein producers to manage all control applications from breeding to gestation, farrowing and finishing. Now with mnubo’s SmartObjectsTM cloud-based platform, GSI will enable producers to benefit from real-time actionable intelligence from the EDGETM such as on-demand visualizations of farm health, optimization of resources as well as predictive trends for proactive planning.

By integrating with mnubo’s purpose-built IoT platform, GSI empowers producers with valuable data insights, boosting productivity and profitability.

“This partnership with mnubo will propel our protein technology solutions to enable data-driven decision making for producers,” stated Adam Weiss, Director of Protein Technology at GSI. “mnubo’s out-of-the-box insights and suite of analytics libraries allowed GSI to deliver enhanced customer value within a few weeks of integration – accelerating time-to-insight with immediate ROI to producers.”

“The landscape and dynamics of the agribusiness is changing at an unprecedented rate. GSI’s commitment to use analytics to drive innovation is key to improving production and optimizing resources,” said Frederic Bastien, CEO of mnubo. “This collaboration combines GSI’s extensive industry experience with mnubo’s unique ability to create business value from agro sensor data – making the agribusiness smarter.”