Mob4Hire doubles testing community in just over four months

Mob4Hire announced today that it now has over 20,000 mobile application testers (mobetsers) operating in 105 countries. “In just over four months”, says Stephen King, Mob4Hire CEO,  “we have doubled the number of mobsters providing market research and testing servies to mobile application delveopers around the world.”

In addition to providing it’s unique crowdsourced mobile application testing, Mob4Hire provides a platform for user experience feedback (MobExperience) and market research (MobSurvey). It also helps get new software to market faster with MobAccelerator.

Despite it’s small team, Mob4Hire has staff and advisors in three countries and reaches almost every mobile network. “We like to call ourselves a  micro-multi-national company.” says King – a great term for the new breed of start-ups appearing on the scene that are not location or size dependant. Congratulations to the Mob4Hire team!