Mobify Acquires Dónde for Geo-Targeting E-Commerce

Mobify is acquiring Dónde, a specialist in location-based services.

According to an exclusive from Fortune, the Canadian e-commerce site Mobify scooped up the Chicago-based firm to better service geo-targeted discounts and ads to shoppers.

“A lot of companies still think of a mobile device or phone as just a smaller screen but it is much more than that. It’s an appendage for people. Their mobile is with them all the time, and that’s a different dynamic than having to get to a laptop to do something,” Cliff Conneighton, chief marketing officer for Mobify, told Fortune.

Quoth Fortune:

Mobify’s thinking is that combining Dónde’s location smarts with a slick mobile-friendly interface will mean better engagement with prospective customers and thus better sales. Mobify, for instance, supports Google Chrome’s push technology that sends consumers alerts about specials going on at nearby merchants as they walk by. If they then enter the store, they may get another notification, or coupon, to entice them to buy even more.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.