Mobify Pledges Money to Fuel Student Projects at Simon Fraser University

Thanks to funding from Mobify, SFU computing science student Brandon Chong and his teammates were able to develop an app launcher that assists visually impaired people using voice commands and simple motion gestures.

Now, the Vancouver-based mobile technology company is donating an additional $30,000 to SFU’s School of Computing Science over the next three years to enable more student-led projects such as Chong’s to take flight.

SFU alumni and Mobify cofounders Igor Faletski and John Boxall are behind this donation, which will be directed towards student initiatives at SFU that explore and further develop mobile technologies.

While undergraduate students at SFU, they created a club called Mobile Mondays to share their interest in mobile technology with others. This eventually led to the launch of what we know today as Mobify.

“University is a fantastic place to learn, experiment and network,” says Faletski, Mobify’s CEO. “SFU is known for its quality of education and research – our hope is that Mobify’s grant encourages more students and new graduates to pursue the entrepreneurial path earlier in their career.”

Their initial $10,000 donation allowed students to explore their passion for technology through special events and projects such as hackathon and networking nights.