Moms Heavier Than Average Users of Social Media, Bigger Spenders Online: Report

Generally, people spend more time on social media if they access it through mobile devices, studies have shown.

But it’s moms who push social media usage to new levels: 89% of moms who own mobile devices and have Facebook pages access the site on mobile at least weekly, according to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report. This is significantly higher than the 73% of non-moms. Further, 61% of mobile mothers who tweet access Twitter “at least weekly” on their smartphone or tablet—again, higher than women without kids.

Overall, moms are heavier than average users of all major social networks, including YouTube, Pinterest, and even Google+. Moms typically have larger networks of friends and followers than average, too.

This is all very important data for retailers. Why? Because these so called “social moms” spend more money than consumers who are not active on social media, according to comScore. North American mothers were responsible for one-third of total online spending in the holiday quarter of 2012—despite representing less than one-fifth of all internet users.