50 Ways to Please Your Customers: A Guide to Mobile Web Design Best Practices

From smartphones to desktop computers, people are using more devices more often to access the web. The shift to mobile web browsing has happened rapidly, and ComScore predicts that mobile web users will surpass fixed web users by 2014.

Vancouver’s Mobify has been been wrestling with how to best design adaptive sites for the mobile web since 2007 and they’re getting very good at it. They have built the platform that powers some of the world’s most popular adaptive websites: Starbucks, Bosch, Beyond the Rack, and Threadless, among others. And they’re responsible for Techvibes’ mobile site, which we love.

Now they’ve compiled our experience into a new ebook, titled “50 ways to please your customers: A guide to mobile web design best practices.” It includes best practices for design and development techniques that will help users thrive in a multi-screen world.

In parallel with the e-book, the Canadian startup rolled out a dedicated site called Now Make It Mobile which serves up the tips one at a time.