Mobovivo Takes Second Screen to Four Countries and Founder Relocates to LA

Calgary-born Mobovivo announced today that its gamification and second screen platform is being developed for companion TV apps for networks, distributors and studios in Canada, United States, Brazil and the UK.

The company’s second screen, social TV platform was named a Top 10 TV Disruptor at MipTV in Cannes, France in April and Best Cross-Platform App earlier this month.

The platform creates a single destination for Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, chat, and TV check-in services by syncing background information, social TV, advertising, games, awards, leaderboards, and achievements with broadcast television.

The US cable network HDNet recently launched HDNet Fights Companion App — its first second screen experience — using Mobovivo’s platform. Most Friday nights Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fans can now play along and win prizes with the 3-hour TV broadcast of the live fight.

Considering Mobovivo’s success in the second screen space, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re expanding operations in Los Angeles this summer to be closer to the “first screen” in Hollywood. Most notably Mobovivo’s founder Trevor Doerksen will be permantently relocating from Calgary to LA.

Mobovivo is also expanding operations this summer in New York City and São Paulo, Brazil with plans to  aunch operations in London by the end of the year.

Congrats to Doerksen and the Mobovivo team. It’s great to see a Canadian software company expanding aggressively in the second screen and social TV space.