ModernAdvisor Launches Canada’s First ‘Responsible’ Online Financial Advisor

ModernAdvisor today announced the launch of what it calls Canada’s first online financial advisor to offer responsible investment options.

The Vancouver company’s mission is to provide a more honest way to invest by offering transparent, unbiased investment management services.

“We’ve seen firsthand the growing market demand for portfolio options that extend beyond the bottom line, allowing clients to be a catalyst for change while making sure their portfolio is positioned for growth,” said Navid Boostani, founder of ModernAdvisor. “Equally important to our clients are smart technology, accessibility and of course transparency—all areas we cover in spades.”

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The company uses technology to create personalized, diversified and optimized ETF portfolios for its clients. ModernAdvisor rebalances clients’ portfolios in response to changing market conditions to ensure their investments remain suitable for their financial goals.

Clients will be able to monitor daily updates on their investments through the ModernAdvisor app, which is now available in the App Store for iOS. ModernAdvisor has tailored its offering to digital age investors.

ModernAdvisor raised $2.2 million in the fall of 2015 in its Series A funding round.