Mojio Launches Apps and Services Marketplace for Connected Drivers

Mojio, an open platform for connecting cars, today announced the launch of Mojio Drive, a marketplace of apps and services for cars.

By plugging the Mojio device into their car’s OBD port, drivers can now unlock their car’s data and access a suite of connected car apps and services to enhance their driving experience.

App categories include vehicle maintenance and repairs, roadside assistance, auto insurance, safety and security and productivity.

“We know that drivers want their cars to be more like their smartphones. There are at least as many connected car use cases as there are app developers, and so an open platform for building apps is essential to giving people what they want,” said Jay Giraud, CEO.

Drivers can visit Mojio Drive in any web browser to discover the apps and services that best meet their needs. A few examples of apps available to download today include:

  • Gauge works like a personal mechanic. Everything from basic maintenance reminders, to diagnosing car trouble and being ready for vehicle recalls is in the driver’s control. Urgently is now integrated with the Gauge app to provide drivers with Uber-like visibility on nearby tow truck services and a transparent, pay per use fee structure for on-demand roadside assistance, whenever and wherever drivers may need it.
  • Cloak, the connected car theft tracker for Mojio. Cloak is the key to monitoring a car’s location at all times, even when the driver is not in it. If a car is being stolen or its ignition is unexpectedly turned on, the app will immediately alert the driver with text or audio notification.
  • Onsurance is taking auto insurance into the 21st Century with the help of Mojio. Drivers can authorize the app to access their driving record from the previous 30 days. This data is used to receive competitive auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers and agencies in the US, such as First Chicago, Mile Auto and Goji. The Onsurance app uses driving data and behavior based insights to constantly shop for better rates, which means if there is cheaper coverage available, Mojio drivers will know about it.