Mojio Launches Connected Car Service with MetroPCS

As connected cars become more commonplace, a few providers are stepping up to form partnerships with huge brands and spread their tech to the most customers possible.

The Vancouver-based Mojio is one of them, today announcing they are working with MetroPCS to help power the prepaid brand’s connected car solution, MetroSMART Ride. As part of the deal, Mojio will deliver several telco-grade IoT solutions to MetroPCS, including their cloud platform service and mobile apps for connected cars.

This is Mojio’s eighth total deployment of an operator-branded IoT service, proving their dominance in the field. So far, Mojio represents over 750,000 connected cars in five countries across North America and Europe.

“At Mojio, we understand that enabling connected experiences for the global driving community means so much more than delivering great technology,” said Kenny Hawk, CEO of Mojio. “It’s all about putting customers first and taking a hands-on approach to customer success. For us, that means being a best-in-class partner to MetroPCS while also surpassing the expectations of MetroSMART RideTM subscribers that will use our technology every day.”

Mojio’s connected car solution can tell customers more about the health of their car, including maintenance reminders, recall warnings, fuel levels and battery life. The partnership with MetroPCS also includes roadside assistance from Allstate, GPS tracking to prevent theft and track trips, and even a wifi hotspot. The device needed to access the service works with almost every car made past 1996.

MetroPCS chose Mojio due to their prowess when it comes to offering IoT solutions that create immediate value and revenue. Mojio also works to design and deploy go-to-market strategies that can build trust within customers and reduce churn.

MetroSMART Ride is available today at MetroPCS locations. The connected car device can be obtained for free through an intro offer (it is $119 normally) and it comes with a $10 per month charge for data and services.

Mojio has been ramping up their partnerships lately, working with every major telecom provider in Canada as well as companies like Bosch. They also raised $30 million in late 2017 and added to that funding in early 2018.