Moneris Launches Offlinx to Better Track Digital Ad Spend

It can be difficult for businesses to actually know what they are getting out of their advertising. Is an uptick in sales the result of a great ad campaign, or is it because of a better product?

Moneris can answer that questions with their new product Offlinx, an analytics tool designed to aid businesses in seeing the overall scope of impact when it comes to online advertising. The tool can track both in-store as well as online sales, a huge step forward in an industry that is quickly turning towards e-commerce while still recognizing the importance of brick and mortar establishments.

Marketers have struggled to understand exactly what their advertising translates to and Offlinx now allows them to track consumer browsing activities all the way through to purchase transactions. Moneris designed Offlinx with a secure tagging mechanism that can link browsing data to a transaction processed through their network. All of the data is anonymous, and this method uses a technique called multi-touch attribution, so retailers can get next-day results. This all comes in the form of a dashboard which marketers can use to easily navigate between data points and respond to different sales trends.

“The line between digital and physical worlds is blurring, and nowhere is that clearer than in the retail industry,” said Jeff Guthrie, chief sales and marketing officer at Moneris. “Businesses need an accurate way to understand where consumers are interacting with their brand and products, and how customers are spending their money. We now have a tool that can help answer those questions and capture the customer journey from the first click to the final purchase, wherever that takes place.”

The results of what Offlinx can track go as deep as store-level, presenting confirmed in-store card transactions based on location in addition to whichever driving channel sources—such as email, referral sites and social media—had an impact. A daily performance dashboard collects key metrics to track a campaign, and users can filter those metrics to better understand their store or channel’s performance.

“Moneris is committed to helping businesses make smarter, informed business decisions,” said Malcolm Fowler, chief product and partnership officer at Moneris. “We take pride in our ability to innovate and develop solutions that can help merchants achieve their goals. With Offlinx, Moneris is the first and only payment services provider in Canada to offer a marketing analytics solution that measures the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns on both in-store and online sales.”

To sign up for Offlinx, Moneris partners only need to embed pixel tags to their domains and set up a few rules.